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Spiral Staircases, Wrought Iron Doors, Gates, Railings and More!

A spiral staircase gives character and classic charm to any structure. Spiral staircases can enhance spaces, as well as exude beauty. These space-saving structures have been around since the 5th century. The appeal of a spiral staircase comes from its perceived emulation of nature. A staircase that unfurls and unfolds in a circular path, much like the numerous petals of a flower, or the swirling pattern of a sea shell has excellent visual appeal.

Wooden spiral staircases have enjoyed a following of their own. However, the advent of the industrial revolution in the 1800s gave rise to the use of metal for various forms of construction, including spiral staircases.

The Widest Choices from Paramount Iron

Paramount Iron, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is a fabricator and supplier of indoor and outdoor iron spiral staircases. Our company has been in the business of steel fabrication for more than a decade and has been specializing in the production of iron spiral staircases since 2006. During this same year, we embarked on a massive marketing campaign which resulted in earning us the distinction of being Arizona’s largest spiral staircase supplier.

Paramount Iron has brought its spiral staircase manufacturing process to a level wherein craftsmen and artisans can fully assemble each staircase as one piece. This allows for more flexibility, especially for clients who want a customized look. In addition, compared with spiral kits that require assembly and have to be bolted together during installation, fully assembled spiral staircases offer more strength, stability, and durability. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor spiral staircase that you want, Paramount Iron can design, fabricate and install the spiral staircase that you want or need.

Such bespoke designs can come with ornate ballusters and other decorative elements such as twisted pickets, top or bottom spiral gates, hand-forged scroll designs, alternating knuckles and different tread patterns. Treads can also be left open-faced so that wood or tiles may be used. Our customers can choose from natural or standard finishes, including, but not limited to paint, powder coat, primer or galvanized.